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Drawing Center GD Safety Switches
100A N1 240V Safety Switch D3(2)23N100A N3R 240V Safety Switch D3(2)23NRB
200A N1 240V Safety Switch D3(2)24N200A N3R 240V Safety Switch D3(2)24NRB
30A N1 240V Safety Switch D3(2)21N30A N3R 240V Safety Switch D3(2)21NRB
400A N1 240V Safety Switch D3(2)25N400A N3R 240V Safety Switch D3(2)25NRB
60A N1 240V Safety Switch D3(2)22N60A N3R 240V Safety Switch D3(2)22NRB

Drawing Center HD Safety Switches
100A N1-3R Safety Switch H36(2)3N(RB)200A N1 Safety Switch H3(2)24N
30A N1 Safety Switch H36(2)1N30A N3R Safety Switch H36(2)1NRB
60A N1 Safety Switch H3(2)22N60A N3R Safety Switch H3(2)22NRB

Drawing Center Speed D Boards
400 & 600A 240V SB(F)124(6)WS400,600&800A 3PH 480V I Line SB(F)344(6,8)IS
400,600&800A 3PH Meter Main SB(F)344(6)(8)WS400A 3PH 240V NQ SB(F)324QS
400A Single Phase 120/240V SB(F)124IS400A Single Phase 120/240V SB(F)124QS
800A I-Line Section SBAD800SE6N/1 & 3R Pull Section SA26PS(R)
Speed D 3R Enclosure

Drawing Center Transformers
EE 112.5KVA 480-120/208 CU EE112T3HCUEE 112.5KVA 480-120/208 EE112T3H
EE 150KVA 480-120/208 CU EE150T3HCUEE 150KVA 480-120/208 EE150T3H
EE 15KVA 480-208/120 EE15T3HEE 15KVA 480-208/120 EE15T3HCU
EE 225KVA 480-120/208 CU EE225T3HCUEE 225KVA 480-120/208 EE225T3H
EE 30 KVA 480-120/208 EE30T3HEE 30KVA 480-120/208 CU EE30T3HCU
EE 45 KVA 480-120/208 EE45T3HEE 45KVA 480-120/208 CU EE45T3HCU
EE 75KVA 480-120/208 CU EE75T3HCUEE 75KVA 480-120/208 EE75T3H

Recessed Downlights (Housings)
Halo EI2072ATHalo EI2072RAT
Halo EI700ATHalo ET400ATSB
Halo ET400LVRATHalo H1499ICAT
Halo H25ICATHalo H271ICAT
Halo H7RTHalo H995ICAT
Halo H995RICAT

Useful Calculators
Cooper Lighting Energy Savings CalculatorsSouthwire Various Calculators
Square D Cross ReferenceSquare D Motor Data Calculator
Square D Submittal Center

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